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Theme Nights

Let LRS Productions take you into the world of 007. We decorate the room with stunning light effects, sets and props. The tables with their red and black cloths seat covers and table centres make you feel like James Bond or Pussy Galore. A night to remember and the entertainment a Bond singer with dancing girls, look-alikes, sit in one of the bond cars and of course enter the Casino Royale and enjoy an evening with all the fun but none of the risks.


Enter Sir Bodkins Castle and take part in the frolics of a medieval night. Good Olde Worlde fun, authentic sets and props and even a fully operational torture chamber for the misbehaved


Lets LRS take you back to the times of ancient Rome, enter Caesars Palace and become a roman legionnaire or gladiator. Stunning sets, roman gods, plenty of fun, entertainment, a real night to remember


Let us transport you to a sunset island in the Caribbean, a fun evening with fabulous décor, great entertainment and a feeling of a tropical night anywhere in the country and any time of year. It is almost as good as a holiday.


( A night at the Oscars)
A glitzy night at the Oscars where you can make your staff, clients and friends feel very special by awarding them a presentation Oscar. Fantastic sets, special lighting,


Come with us to a galaxy far away. Join us at the interplanetary space station or aboard the Death star, Darth Vader will be present and I am sure a few aliens will drop in to entertain you. May the force be with you?


He Ha come and join the hoe down in Dodge city, large sets, statues, chuck wagons, dancers, line dancers, and lots of games a real fun night.


There was a girl a lovely girl in Paris under the windmill of the Moulin Rouge. Join us in the streets of Mont Matre dancing girl’s singer’s bright and romantic sets a real night of fun and frolics at the Moulin Rouge.


Ah Jim lad, join us on board for a hearty night complete with full sets, dancers, props and special effects. Shiver me timbers you be in for a good night and mind the gang plank


( Or Arabian nights)
Full of Eastern Promise we can take you back to days of the pharaohs with dancing girls, lounge on large cushions, and dance away in the pharaoh’s tomb amongst the gods. A fabulous night of heady aromas, fantastic sets and props.


Please join our captain aboard the Titanic on her maiden voyage, enter the ship via the gangplank and take your girl friend onto the bows and pretend you can fly. A sumptuous meal, followed by an Irish band and dancing, until the ship starts to sink. Then women and children first.

The above are just a few of the themes that we can offer, to list a few more:-

Blitz WW11 nights
German Bavarian Oomph nights
Winter wonderland
Around the world
Halloween Horror
Victorian Dickensian
Gangster and Moll

Mission Impossible
Blues Brothers
Austin Powers
Old English Pubs games Night
A day at the races
50s coffee bar
70’s etc
Skool nights

These are a few of the themes that we can provide please contact us for imaginative solutions to your event needs.


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